Team Coaching 3

This week, we focus on the remaining three dysfunctions of a team, based on Patrick Lencioni’s seminal work: The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable (2002).  Please see the Team Coaching 2 blog for team dysfunctions one and two.  Again, we’ll focus on a positive spin.  What follows is a summary of pages 207 – 218.

Dysfunction III: Lack of Commitment

A team that commits:

  • Creates clarity around direction and priorities
  • Aligns the entire team around common objectives
  • Develops an ability to learn from mistakes
  • Takes advantage of opportunities before competitors do
  • Moves forward without hesitation
  • Changes direction without hesitation of guilt

Dysfunction IV: Avoidance of Accountability

A team that holds one another accountable:

  • Ensures that poor performers feel pressure to improve
  • Identifies potential problems quickly by questioning one another’s approaches without hesitation
  • Establishes respect among team members who are held to the same high standards
  • Avoids excessive bureaucracy around performance management and corrective action

Dysfunction V: Inattention to Results

A team that focuses on collective results:

  • Retains achievement-oriented employees
  • Minimizes individualistic behavior
  • Enjoys success and suffers failure acutely
  • Benefits from individuals who subjugate their own goals/interests for the good of the team
  • Avoids distractions

Weekly Challenge:  Assess your team (and yourself) regarding Dysfunctions III, IV, and V.

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