Success Stories

"Karen’s coaching style created an environment of trust and psychological safety. She didn’t rush through the material, but took queues from the workshop attendees to dig in on experiences that were relevant to the coursework."

- Senior VP, Fortune 500 Company

"Hats off to Karen! Not sure how she managed to make such a large group of us feel so intimate and personal. My colleagues and I have completely different relationships now and a common language for discourse."

- International Controller, Midsize Company

"We were timely and had some really relevant and eye opening experiences. Really some major aha moments where we can pinpoint actual events that took place and reflect on how to do better."

- Senior Manager, Fortune 500 Company

"I had read the book and watched the TED Talks. But nothing compares with this workshop experience. It changed me."

- Solopreneur

"I’ve had years of leadership development training, executive coaching, EQ seminars, and 360’s. This workshop was the most impactful and relevant experience I have had in my 30-year career."

- Global Operations Officer, Manufacturing Company

"It was a very deep dive into where each of us comes from and what informs our stories. It was incredibly raw, open and honest and because of it, Brenè’s work landed more deeply after understanding myself and how my experiences inform how I show up as a leader."

- VP, Fortune 500 Company

"Karen is truly brilliant at combining her psychological insights with the workshop material to produce an experience that transforms as well as informs. She helped me connect the dots between the stories I was telling myself and a few work-related challenges."

- Chief Operating Officer, Internet Company

"I worked with Karen for several years to grow my start up and develop my leadership ability. She is a gifted executive coach: perceptive and skilled at honing in on your strengths and weaknesses and then locking arms for success.  You can tell she loves what she does."

- Entrepreneur