Public Speaking


Provide Value and Enrichment

Public speaking is about adding value and enriching the lives of the audience.  It’s a unique and powerful modality to connect, educate, inspire, and move people to take action.  I strive to take relevant concepts, philosophies and other data and translate them into understandable and practical applications.  Audience members should be able to do something with the information they receive from me and be motivated to take action.  Humor is an essential tool for engagement and entertainment and it’s delivery is key to my presentations.

Why not have fun while learning?

In addition to Dare To Lead ™ concepts such as:

  • Courage and Vulnerability
  • Self-Awareness and Resiliency
  • Living Into Values and Braving Trust
  • Armored VS Daring Leadership
  • Wholehearted Living

I address many other topics relevant to executives, managers, business owners, and entrepreneurs.  Including:

  • Team Building
  • Emotional Intelligence at Work
  • Conquering Limiting Beliefs
  • Developing Agile Leaders
  • Ethical Entrepreneurship
  • Executive Wellness