Change 3

Continuing with the important theme of change we remember that the most important part of the change process is the preparation.  So many times I’ve seen C-suite inspired changes that fall flat for lack of pre- buy in.  The plan is doomed from the onset and also suffers from the important input of those with boots on the ground.

In short, we can look to Garvin and Roberto (2005): Change Through Persuasion.  They suggest a four-stage persuasion campaign.

  1. Prepare your organization’s cultural “soli” months before setting your turnaround plan in concrete by convincing your employees that your company can survive only through radical change.
  2. Present your plan, explaining in detail its purpose and exact impact.
  3. After executing the plan, manage employee’s emotions by acknowledging the pain of change while keeping people focused on the hard work ahead.
  4. As the turnaround starts generating results, reinforce desired behavioral changes to prevent backsliding.

Weekly Challenge:  How well are you preparing for the “new normal” in business: Change?

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