Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Attaining objectives and producing meaningful results constitute the goals of most businesses.  It makes sense to develop and support workplace cultures that underpin these intentions.  Bias, prejudice, disrespect, and counterproductive attitudes and behaviors stemming from emotional discomfort and outright fear, hinder and often defeat these goals and intentions.

Although companies and HR departments specifically have grappled with and produced programs and trainings focusing on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) for some time, this is a very current and for some, controversial topic.  The Black Lives Matter movement in particular has helped us to shine a brighter light on issues of systemic racism and racial justice.  Organizations like the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) have helped us to learn more about the diverse LGBTQA communities.  National and global conversations are important.  But as you might have guessed from previous blogs, taking personal responsibility to learn and educate oneself is IMHO, the place to start.

Sondra Thiederman, PhD (2012) has devised a set of self-reflective questions to begin the process and help us to focus on areas we may need to improve upon:

  1. Do I have the courage to look at my own biases and keep them from interfering with my behaviors, opinions, and decisions?
  2. Do I have the commitment to model respectful and inclusive behavior in all settings and circumstances?
  3. Do I have the flexibility to accept new approaches and ideas from people who think differently from me?
  4. Do I have the skill to maximize individual strengths while building a sense of unity in my workplace?
  5. Do I have the ability to empower team members of all backgrounds to contribute to the best of their ability?
  6. Do I have the discipline to listen to and understand what team members are saying and feeling?
  7. Do I have the strength to tolerate moments of discomfort and confusion while remaining open-minded and clear-headed?
  8. Do I have the confidence to hold everyone to a high standard and to coach with honesty and fairness?
  9. Do I have a sense of adventure which will help me step out of my comfort zone to learn about others?
  10. Do I have the vigilance to see and immediately shut down any disrespectful behavior in my workplace?

For more information on DEI through the Brene’ Brown programs: KJ@AdvancingLeaders.com  

Weekly Challenge:  Go through the 10 questions and decide what steps you will take to grow in this area.    

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